Pronouns & Adjectives

Ok guys. So now you know enough vocabulary to begin building sentences. But we cannot do that without important sentence components, such as verbs, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, demonstratives and so on.

Do not feel baffled or hesitant about grammar. It’s essential for communicating ideas effectively and accurately.

We’ll discuss pronouns and adjectives in this chapter. They will be broken up into classes.


CLASSE 1. Personal Pronouns

Mo /mow/ (I)
To /tow/ (You informal)
Vou /voo/ (You formal)
Li* /lee/ (He, She, It)
No, Nouzòt, Nou /now, noo-zawt, noo/ (We) (Used interchangeably)
Vou, Vouzòt, Zòt** /voo, voo-zawt, zawt/ (You plural, You all, Y’all) (Used interchangeably)
Yé /yay/ (They: masculine and feminine)

*Third person singular in Creole can also be used as “ça”. But is more commonly used as “li”.
**Zòt can also mean “they”. See next asterisk note.


Possessive Pronouns


Mokin, Mochin /mow kan, mowchan/ (Mine)
Tokin, Tochin /tow kan, towchan/ (Yours)
Sokin, Sochin /sow kan, sowchan/ (His, Hers, Theirs)
Nokin, Nochin /no kan, nochan/ (Ours)
Vokin, Vochin /vo kan, vochan/ (Yours plural)
Yékin, Yéchin /yay kan, yaychan/ (Theirs)


Makènn, mochènn
Tokènn, tochènn
Sokènn, sochènn
Nokènn, nochènn
Vokènn, vochènn
Yékènn, yéchènn


1. Nouzòt gin nochin shar. (We have our own car.)
2. Çé yékin poul. (Those are their hens.)

CLASSE 3. Demonstrative Pronouns

-çila /see lah/ (This)
çe /suh/; isit /ee seet/ (This) ––– before nouns
-ça, lá /sah, lah/ (That)
-çála /sah-lah/ (Those)
– ça-yé /sah yay/ (Those)
-lála /lah-lah/ (Those)


1. M’a vwayé li ce liv démin. (I’m going to send him this book tomorrow.)
2. To wa lavash-lála, çé yékin. (You see those cows overthere, those are theirs.)


CLASSE 1. Possessive Adjectives

(His, Her, Their)
Nô, Nouzòt (Our)
Vô, Zòt (Your plural)


1. Ça, çé  mamm. (That’s my mom.)
2. Ki t’ap fé avèk liv-yé? (What are you doing with her books?)


2 thoughts on “Pronouns & Adjectives

  1. Would you add more adjectives like the following: pretty, bright, dark, thick, thin, tall, short, dark-haired, etc. that list was just random, but you don’t have many adjectives listed.

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