Prepositions & Conjunctions

Prepositions are “connecting words” or words that typically combine with noun phrases to create a phrase which, in most cases, expresses a modification (Merriam-Webster).

The following is a chart of Creole Prepositions with examples.

Kréyol – English

Avan, envan
Li té rivé avan mò. (He arrived before me.)

Li té rivé apré mò. (He arrived after me.)

Jishká, Ishká, Shká
Li va rèsté isit ishká démin. (He’s going to stay here until tomorrow.)

Dépi, dipi
From, Since, For
Mo já mariyé dépi 25 nan. (I’ve been married for 25 years, already.)

Li pasé atravèr labarriyèr. (He passed/entered through the gate/fence.)

L’apé kashé li-mèmm sou latab-la. (He’s hiding under the table.)

L’apé kashé sô kado ennsou latab-la. (He’s hiding her present underneath the table.)

Sî, su
Li pa kapab kashé li-mèmm sî latab. (She can’t hide on the table.)

Ladsu, ladsi
thereon, on there, thereupon
Li pa kapab kashé sô kado ladsu(She can’t hide his gift on there.)

Désu, dési
on top, on top of
Li pa kapab kashé sô dipin désu laglasyèr. (He can’t hide his bread on top of the refrigerator.)

Koté, shé
at someone’s place of residence, near someone’s residence/business
Yé gone koté Élisyá. (They’ve gone to Alicia’s place.)

Pròsh, pròsh de
near, almost, nearby
Yé rès pròsh de lamézon. (They stay nearby.)
To pròsh finí tô léçon-la? (Have you almost finished your work?)

Orá de, alentour, ozalentour
in the vicinity of, around a place, environs of, close to
Wé, yé batí un magazin orá de légliz. (Yes, they built a store close to the church.)
Zozo-yé rès tout alentour isit en avril. (Birds stay all around here in April.)

Conjunctions are those words conjoining or, combining sentences, phrases and/or words (Merriam-Webster).

É, épi
Épi çé fou, tou ça. (And, all that is just crazy.)

T’olé fettuccine ou chop-koshon aswar? (Do you want fettuccine or pork chops tonight?)

but, well
Mé, çé pa bon tou ça. (Well, that’s not good, all that.)

Kan, ékan
Ékan li mourí, tou kékin viní a lamézon. (When he died, everybody came to the house.)

Si mo té smat, mo sé gin un djob. (If I were smart, I’d have a job.)

Paske, parske
Mo pa ka jwènn vouzòt paske mo bizé. (I can’t join yall because I’m busy.)

Kanmèmm, Kamèmm
anyways, although
Sô pap dí li pa fé ça, mé, li té fé ça kamèmm. (His father told him not to do it, but he did it, anyways.)


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  1. I actually wonder the reason why you labeled this particular article, “Prepositions
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    admired the blog!Many thanks,Karolin

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