Comparatives & Superlatives

Li pa pli fòr pasé mò!
In this lesson, we’ll discuss ways to express comparitives and superlatives in Louisiana Creole. As a general rule, Louisiana Creole does use gender forms. We see these most often in Adjectives, Comparitives and Superlatives.

Common Comparitives & Superlatives


Gran – Tall, Big
Piti, ti – Short, Small
Gro – Fat, Big

Ho – High, Tall
Ba – Low

In order to make compare, we use the conjunction/preposition “than” (e.g. He is bigger than I.). This comparitive marker, than, is called “pasé” in Creole.

Pli gran pasé – Taller, Bigger than
Pli piti pasé – Shorter, Smaller
Pli gro pasé – Fatter, Bigger

Pli ho pasé – Higher, Taller
Pli ba pasé – Lower


A. Jwasin, li pli gran pasé mo. (Joachim, he’s taller than I.)
B. Batis-çála, li pli ho pasé lòt. (This building is taller/higher than the other one.)


Pli gran-la – The Tallest, The Biggest
Pli piti-la – The Shortest, The Smallest
Pli gro-la – The Fattest, The Biggest

Pli ho-la – The Highest, The Tallest
Pli ba-la – The Lowest


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