Question Words

These are commonly known as Question words.

Who = Ki, Ki-ça /kee/, /kee sah/
– Ki çé ki vwayé twa ça? (Who is it that sent you that?)
– Ki çé ci-là? (Who’s that one over there?)

What = Ça, Ki (interchangeable), Konmen /sah/, /kee/, /kawn’mawn’/
– Ça ça di, nèg? (What’s up, dude?)
– Ki t’alé manjé? (What are you going to eat?)

Why = Kwafèr, Poukwa (interchangeable) /kwah fair/, /poo kwah/
– Kwafèr to pa kourí wa Nonk Jil? (Why aren’t you going see uncle Jules?)
– Poukwa l’ap kouri à Ibéry touletem? (Why’s she going to New Iberia so often?)

When = Ékan, kan (interchangeable) /ay kawn’/, /kawn’/
– Ékan to va fini l’ékòl? (So when are you going to finish school?)

Where = Aou/Ayou, Éou/Éyou (Interchangeable) /ah oo/, /ah yoo/, /ay oo/, /ay yoo/
– Aou zòt va aswar? (Where are y’all going tonight?)
– Éyou yé sorti? (Where are they from?)

How = Konmen /kawn’mawn’/
– Komen yé pèl twa? (What’s your name?/What do people call you?)

How many = Kombyin/Kombien /kohn’byain/
– Kombyin li payé pou ça? (How much did he pay for this?)

Which = Ékèl, Kèl/quel /ay kehl/, /kehl/
– Ékèl liv to préfèr? (Which book do you prefer?)



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